Warren Occult Museum Ticket Price, Items, Annabelle Doll, Location, Opening Hours

Warren Occult Museum Ticket Price

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Entry for Warren Occult Museum is closed now. You can’t visit this place. Unfortunately, Google listing shows the wrong location. But video tour is available for paranormal activity lovers. Warren Occult Museum Ticket Price for this video tour is $5.99. Rent for the 24 hours streaming is $5.99 but the download option is not available in this package. If you want to download these supernatural activities then you need to buy $19.99 package where the download is provided with streaming. Apart from this, any kind of admission fees or ticket prices has not been charged for this Occult Museum. Following are the links from where you can watch or download it.

Watch Warren Occult Museum Streaming

Watch Warren Occult Museum Streaming With Download

Warren Occult Museum Location Address, Phone Number, Other Information

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Address: 30 Knollwood Street, 6468, Monroe, P.O. Box 41, USA.
Email: nespr2@yahoo.com
Website: warrens.net

Warren Occult Museum Items

Warren Occult Museum is one of the biggest collection of haunted and supernatural objects. There are more than ten thousand haunted items are kept here. One of the biggest attraction is the Doll, Annabelle. This doll is the real-life inspiration for the film “The Conjuring”. This real Annabelle is sealed and it is considered as the most horrible item of this collection.
Apart from Annabelle, paranormal items like vampire coffins used for children’s tombstones can be seen here. Items like Demon Masks, Psychic photographs, Toys which are haunted by spirits, Death Curses, Satanic tools and other big range of objects are locked away in the basement.

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Warren Occult Museum Information

This largest Occult museum is owned by The New England Society for Psychic research. This society was established in the year 1952 by Ed & Lorraine Warren. Every month thousands of visitors come here to visit this world-famous museum. A wide collection of horrible haunted things is really freaking awesome.
This place is not for the light-hearted people. The scariest thing which kept here is “Annabelle” the doll. Annabelle doll is kept here in woodblock. It is a really challenging place for humanity.
The collection of different Psychic photographs are the real evidence of Paranormal activities. Different cursed items from Africa and Egypt, toys which are possessed by spirits are really scary.

Where Is The Warren Occult Museum? And How To Get There?

Warren Occult Museum is one of the most famous places located in 30 Knollwood Street, 6468, Monroe. The best way to reach here is by hiring a car or coming by your own vehicle. More than 80% of people come here by car.

Suggestions For Visitors

Light-hearted people do not visit this place. You can touch Annabelle doll but don’t use abusive or provoking language with this doll. According to many people, this kind of behavior may harm you. Currently, this is closed for visitors due to zoning regulation. It is relocating to a new location and it will be open for visitors very soon.

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