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Maharashtrian Fortress is a symbol of Marathas golden history. Such forts are still standing firmly with the times. One of them is Ramshej Fort. Ramshej Fort is located 14 km away from Nashik City. Today we are revealing some facts related with it in our article Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik.

One Of The Longest Battle – First Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik

The battle between Mughal and Maratha King Samabhaji was fought here. It was One of the longest battles. The battle lasted for more than 6 years. This historical monument has seen periodic war, and the fort was conquered by Mughal after 6 and half years.

Bribe Played An Important Role – Second Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik

Mughal continuously tried for 6 years, but they failed to crack the Maratha’s defense. Maratha Killedar Suryaji Jedhe was honest with King Sambhajiraje. He guarded this fort under his Surveillance. But after five and half year he got transferred to another fort. And that was the turning point of this battle. The sly Mughals offered a bribe to a new Killedar. And just because of this bribe Marathas lost this periodic battle and fort.

The Fort without Wall – Third Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik

This fort is not guarded by a wall or any defensive mechanism. Still, Mughals required 6 and 5 years to conquer this fort.

One of the smallest Fort – Fourth Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik

This is one of the smallest fort constructed by Marathas. One more amazing thing is that Smallest Fort had seen Longest Battle.

Lord Rama Spent Time – Fifth Amazing Fact Ramshej Fort Nashik

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama spent some time of his vanvaas here with his sibling Lakshaman and Wife Sita. That is why its name is “Ramshej“.

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