Kapaleshwar Shiva Temple Nashik – The Only Shiva Temple Without Nandi

Nashik is an ancient city and is full of Hindu temples located on the bank of Godavari river. In our last article, we have spoken about Black Statue Of RamaKalaram Temple Nashik. Today we are writing about The Only Shiva Temple Without NandiKapaleshwar Shiva Temple Nashik. It is located on the bank of Godavari river near Ramkund in Panchavati.

Kapaleshwar Shiva Temple Nashik History

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva stayed here. The story behind this is interesting. Once Lord Shiva mistakenly Killed a cow. In Hindu mythology, the cow is treated as a holy animal. And thus cow killing is Forbidden in India. Another saying is that Lord Shiva had cut the Lord Bramhas One of the head. Therefore, Shiva was guilty of the murder of Brahman.
Due to Atonement, Lord Shiva came here to clean his sin. At that time his follower Nandi guided him to take a bath in Ramkund to clear his sin. As per Nandi’s guidance, Shiva took a bath in holy Ramkund and after that, he did a JAP at there.Currently, this Holy ancient Kapaleshwar temple is present at the same place. As Nandi guided Shiva to clear his sin, Shiva adopted Nandi as a GURU (Teacher). And that is why Nandi is not standing in front of Shiva Temple.

Kapaleshwar Shiva Temple Nashik Timings

This temple is worshiped 2 times a day.
1. Morning Puja perform at 10 in the morning
2. Evening Puja performs in the evening near about 5.
3. On every Monday morning at 10, there is special puja held.

How To Reach Kapaleshwar Shiva Temple Nashik

1. Temple is located 2 km’s away from Central Bus Stand (CBS). from CBC you can pick the city bus which will drop you at Malegaon Stand. From there Kapaleshwar Temple is within walking distance.
2. If you are coming from Mumbai, then you need to take a left from Mumbai Naka and go straight towards Panchavati. From Mumbai Naka Bus, Autos and Taxi are available. You will need 15-20 minutes from Mumbai Naka.
3. For devotees which are coming by train, they will get the city bus from Nashik Road Railway station To Panchavati. A city bus will be most cheaper and convenient option for them.
4. Devotees which comes from Pune highway, they need to go straight towards Dwarka Hotel Nashik. At Dwarka Hotel circle they need to take a right towards Panchavati. From dwarka hotel it takes 8-10 mins to reach there.

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