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Stunning Location Of Saputara

Stunning Location Of Saputara

Saputara is one of the most beautiful and most underrated hill station. It is located in Dang district of Gujrat. It is situated 1000m above from the sea level. Today we are going to reveal some Stunning locations of Saputara.

Saputara Lake – 1st Stunning Location Of Saputara

Wonderful place to experience boating with your partner. Surrounded by lush greenery, a beautiful rose garden located on the right side and viewing the marvellous sunset in a paddling boat will be a memorable moment for you. Bring well-equipped cameras or smartphone to capture fabulous pics of this lake.

Sunset Point – 2nd Stunning Location Of Saputara

Cool breeze floating around you and the blue sky reflecting the golden shade of sun gives the perfect pleasure of holiday. This is another picture-perfect and stunning location of Saputara.

Ropeway – 3rd Stunning Location Of Saputara

The most scenic and amazing place to capture marvellous pictures of this beautiful hill station. When travelling through ropeway you will get the ultimate feeling of relaxation. During this 15 minutes of the journey in a ropeway, you need to bring a high-resolution camera to take a bird’s eye views of Saputara.

Rose Garden – 4th Stunning Location Of Saputara

You can say it Bed Of Roses or House Of Roses. Hundreds of rose species planted here. When you are there, there is only rosy fragrance between you and roses. This garden is one of the most visited picnic spots in Saputara.

Hatgadh Fort -5th Stunning Location Of Saputara

Actually, this is not in Saputara, it is situated 5 km’s away from Saputara on Gujrat-Maharashtra Border. This historical monument is located at 3600 feet above from the sea level. It is a very popular place for trekking. From the top of this fort, you can view Surgana Village and on the other hand pleasant Saputara.

Gira Fall – 6th Stunning Location Of Saputara

Another fabulous place to spend some time with family and friends. This huge 150 feet tall waterfall emerges as another stunning location of Saputara. Located 1 km away from Saputara perfect location to feel nature’s blessing.

Echo Point – 7th Stunning Location Of Saputara

At this point, you can express your feelings to your loved one. Words coming back after hitting the hills make someone crazy.
So these are some of the stunning locations of Saputara. Comment below to share your locations or experience.

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