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Tea is like a national drink in India. You see there are many people around you which are completely tea addicted. For such a kind of people we are writing this list of Top Tea Points In Nashik.

Tamkoz Tea Bar – Only Tea Bar In Top Tea Points Nashik

Yes, you read right. It is an only Tea Bar of the city located on College Road. They have a variety of tea at different prices starting from Rs.20 to Rs.800. Ginger fragrance Black Tea served with lavish style gives an awesome feeling. This is one of the best venues to host Tea Party. Their specialty is White Tea, Sencha Green Tea, Dragon Pearls Scented Green Tea.

Chai Tapri – Most Loved By Youngsters In Top Tea Points Nashik

Don’t go on the name. This is the most loved tea point in Nashik by youngsters. Located at College Road popular among the youngsters due to affordable prices. Tea with Bun Maska is a deadly combination.

Haji Tea – Irani Style In Top Tea Points Nashik

Situated in Dudhbazar Nashik one of the oldest and well-known tea points in the city. Irani style tea is the main characteristic of their tea. When in the night no one is there to fulfill your tea addiction Haji Tea always be there.

Ichhamani Tea – Simple & Different In Top Tea Points Nashik

May be you are unaware of this name, but surely it deserves to be on this list. Many times, The most simple things can bring the most happiness. Serving cut tea in a half glass is a really fantastic. City people don’t know more about this as it is 9 km away from the city in Jal Road, Nashik Road.

Inayat Cafe – Oldest & Modest In Top Tea Points Nashik

Located on Mumbai Naka great place to spend some quality time. Very popular among the high-class people and politicians. Modernized cafe gives you magnificent feeling.

So this was the list of Top Tea Points Nashik.

Top Misal Points In Nashik


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