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Jakhu temple is one of the most visited religious places of Himachal Pradesh‘s capital Shimla. This famous temple is located on ‘Jakhu Hill’. This temple is dedicated to Hindu god Lord Hanuman. Various trekking and mountaineering activities are organized by the state government on this hill.

Jakhu Temple Of Shimla History

Jakhu Temple Statue Images
Jakhu Temple Statue Images

According to Ramayana, during the battle between Ram and Ravan, Lakshman brother of Lord Rama was wounded and fainted by the arrows of Meghnad. Vaidyaraj Sushen said that now only one solution left which is Laxman’s life can be saved from the Himalaya’s Sanjivani Buti.
So when Hanuman going towards “Himalaya” then he saw a sage called ‘Yaksha’ on the hill below, and he landed down the hill. The name of this hill was named “Yaksha” on the name of sage Yaksha. This changed from time to time with “Yaksha” to “Yaak”, “Yaak” to “Yakhu”, and “Yakhu” to “Jakhu”. Hanuman Ji has reached the place of Jakhu Mountains to rest and get the information about Sanjivani Booti. Even today visitors can see the footmarks have been made from marble.
Hanuman promised to the sage that he will definitely visit sages ashram while returning. On the way, Hanuman fought with a monster named ‘Kalnemi’ and defeated him in the battle. Delay caused due to this battle and Hanuman could not reach sages ashram. After that, the sage Yaksha built the temple of Hanuman Ji here. Today this statue is located in the temple and people come from far away to visit it.

Jakhu Temple Of Shimla Information

Jakhu Temple Images
Jakhu Temple Images

Temple now has a huge statue of Hanuman Ji, whose height is 108 feet. This statue was established in 2010. This statue is visible from all over the Shimla. On the entrance of the temple, the sticks are also available to avoid monkeys. It is said that the monkeys are present in Jakhu temple campus from the ages.
The government built a road to this temple from Shimla’s most popular tourist spot “Mall Road”. Jakhu Temple is located at an altitude of 8048 feet above sea level on Jakhu hill. It offers beautiful and picturesque views of snowy peaks, valleys, and the city of Shimla. This religious center dedicated to Lord Hanuman is situated near the ‘Ridge’. From here tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset.
Various trekking and mountaineering activities are organized by the state government on the hill. The trekking route is surrounded by scenic pine forests. Visitors can also rent ‘pony’ to reach the Jakhu temple. There are many shops in the base area of Jakhu hill, which provide Walking Sticks etc. to help trackers get up.

Jakhu Temple Of Shimla Timings

Temple remains open on all weekdays.
Visiting Hours: 5 am – 12 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm
Try to avoid visiting after 7 pm.
Entry Fees: There is no entry fee required to visit this place.

How To Reach Jakhu Temple Of Shimla?

By Road: You can reach there by using private or public transport in Shimla. Public transport is available from the Ridge.
By Train: Nearest railway station is Shimla. You can reach Shimla by Kalka To Shimla Toy Train. It is ultimate experience of the journey. All the way from Kalka awesome, pleasant scenery of Shivalik mountain ranges makes your trip memorable.
By Airport: Jubbarhatti airport is the nearest airport located around 22 kms away from Shimla. Flights are available from Delhi to Shimla. You can take a public transport from the airport.
Distance From Mall Road: Its distance from Mall road is approx. 5.5 kms.

Jakhu Temple Ropeway

Tourist can enjoy the Gondola ride / Ropeway from Ridge To Jakhu Temple at the height of 8,054 feet from sea level. This journey takes only 5 minutes to reach the temple. But you can view the beautiful paintings of the god.
Ropeway Charges:
Adult (Two-way journey): Rs.550/-
Children (Two-way journey): Rs.450/-
Adult (One side journey): Rs.300/-
Children (One side journey): Rs.250/-

Best Time To Visit Jakhu Temple

September To November is the good season where temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degree. While in a December and January tourist will get the experience of snowfall. From February to April temperatures ranges between 15 to 27 degree.

Nearby Places To Visit

Mall Road: The beautiful and most crowded tourist place in Shimla. You can easily spend a quality time with your Family and friends.
Kufri: Another tourist attraction located around 15.5 kms from Shimla. It takes 45 minutes to reach Kufri from Shimla. This wonderful place is popular for Amusement Park, Apple Gardens, Yak Ride, and Snowfall.
Kalka To Shimla Toy Train: You must take the experience of this journey. This UNESCO’s heritage toy train makes your vacation memorable.

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