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Pegalwadi (Trimbakeshwar) is located 29 km’s away from an ancient city Nashik. This place is rich with natural beauty but still unnoticeable. Surrounded by hills and number of waterfalls makes this place awesome. If you are in Nashik during monsoon and in search of places to visit near Nashik during monsoon then don’t waste time just pack your bag and come here.

Pegalwadi Geographic Location

What is there in Pegalwadi?

Pegalwadi Trimbakeshwar Nashik
Pegalwadi Trimbakeshwar Nashik

Pegalwadi Waterfall – If you are fond of nature’s beauty then this is the ultimate place for you. Away from the city, no crowd, silent breeze, fog romancing with hills, clouds touching the earth gives you a memorable experience. Aquarium-blue waterfalls coming down from magnificent mountains and drizzling onto the rocks makes environment charming. The thundering waterfall comes down at the bottom bliss pool. It is the stunning experience to view the big gigantic Mediterranean-blue waterfall pounding the rocks.

Pegalwadi Waterfall Nashik
Pegalwadi Waterfall Nashik

How To Reach Pegalwadi?

It is situated on the Trimbakeshwar-Ghoti road. State bus transportation is available from Trimbakeshwar and Nashik. If you have your own vehicle and coming from Nashik then you just need to check sign boards. The main village is present at the distance of 1 km from Nashik-Trimbakeshwar Highway. But if you want to experience that magical waterfall then you need to walk. There is no any vehicle route to reach the waterfall. The waterfall is present at the distance of 1.5 km’s from Trimbakeshwar-Ghoti state road.

Best Time to Visit Pegalwadi

Nashik district is popular for its rainy season. During monsoon, there are many places where you can plan a one day picnic, then this is also one of them. In monsoon, you will get the crowd here. June-October is the perfect time to experience those thundering waterfalls. But if you like winter’s then visit this place between November-February. During this period you can enjoy chilling foggy air which freezes and shakes you with the cold.

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