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“Saptashrungi Mata” also known as “Vani Devi” temple is one of the most visited religious tourist places In Nashik district. Nashik is the 3rd largest city in the Maharashtra state. This temple is located in the Nanduri village of Kalwan Taluka in Nashik district. Temple built in the range of 7 mountains. The name “Saptashrungi” came from these mountain peaks. In Sanskrit “Sapta” means 7 and “Shrungi” means mountain peak. Vani Devi is also known as a “Bramhaswarupini”, “Bhagvati”, “Mahalakshmi”, “Mahasaraswati” and “Mahakali”. According to Hindu mythology, it is considered as a half “Shaktipeeth”.

Saptashrungi Vani Devi Temple Images
Saptashrungi Vani Devi Temple Images

Saptashrungi Mata Vani Devi Temple History / Story

This Hindu goddess temple is situated in the Saptashrungi mountain at the elevation of 4800 feet. This series of seven mountains are the extended mountain range of Sahyadri mountains. It is located on the second highest mountain peak of Satpura mountain after Kalsubai. Saptashrungi Goddess is also popular as “Goddess of Khandesh“. As per sayings, after destroying the “Mahishasur”, goddess came here and lived on this fort for asceticism. Devotees can see the statue of the goddess from the distance. This statue is 10 feet in height. The statue is having 18 hands and we can see a weapon in every hand.
As per another Hindu mythology, Saptashrungi Goddess is the second form of the river “Girija” which was flowing through the Kamandal of Lord Brahma. That is why the Goddess is called as the “Bramhaswarupini”.

Saptashrungi Mata Vani Devi Temple Architectural Information

Devotees need to climb the 408 steps to reach this temple. For senior citizens and disabled people, a special service is provided. These people do not need to wait in a queue. The mountain present in front of this temple is known as “Markendey” mountain. There are total 108 ponds present on the hill. There is a ropeway service for devotees to avoid the steps climbing. This service was started by Maharashtra tourism department. Another ropeway from “Markendey” to “Saptashrungi” is in the construction phase. This mountain is surrounded by the big forest.

Saptashrungi Mata Vani Devi Temple Timings, Contact Number & Address

Monday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Tuesday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Wednesday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Thursday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Friday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Saturday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Sunday: 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Visit Duration: 2 to 2:30 hours.
Note: Public holidays or festivals may affect the timings.
Contact Number: 02592253351
Address: Saptashurngi Garh, Nanduri, Taluka- Kalwan, District- Nashik, Maharashtra 422215.
Photography: Not Allowed.
Videography: Not Allowed.

How To Reach Saptashrungi Mata Vani Devi Temple?

By Road: Tourist can reach this place by road easily. If you are coming towards North India or Gujrat then you need to cross the border of Maharashtra-Gujrat and come straight towards Vani. The distance between Saputara and Vani Temple is around 48 Kms. While if you are coming from Nashik then you need to come by Nashik-Kalwan state highway. State bus transport is available from Nashik central bus stand which will drop you at Nanduri village. From Nanduri village you need to use another transport vehicle.
By Train: The nearest railway station is Nashik Road railway station. It is situated around 70 Kms from Vani Devi temple.
By Airport: The nearest airport is Ozhar (Nashik) airport. From the airport, you can hire the private cab or you can use state bus transport to reach here.
Distance From Nashik: 77.3 Kms
Distance From Mumbai: 242 Kms
Distance From Saputara: 48 Kms

Best Time To Visit Saptashrungi Mata Vani Devi Temple

Thousands of devotees come here every day. But if are asking about the perfect time then we suggest during Navratri, Chaitra Poornima, Deewali, Gudhi Padhwa and Akshay Trutiya. These are the festival days when Lakhs of devotees come here to attend the religious ceremony.

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