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Matheran is smallest hill station in the country. It is situated in Raigad district and 90 km’s away from Mumbai. The nearest railway station is Neral. Many people don’t know so much about this incredible hill station. Therefore today here we are presenting the list of Stunning Locations Matheran.

Panorama Point – First Stunning Location Matheran

Hill stations are well known for their sunrise and sunsets. To experience the breathtaking beauty of nature you should visit there.Panorama Point gives the ultimate pleasure of sunrise to you. Panorama means an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer. Standing at this place you can capture ravishing 360 Degree view of western ghat range in your smartphone or camera. And we assure you this capture will be one of the greatest memories of a lifetime. But to reach there you need to take a horse ride or a hand-pulled rickshaw.

Louisa Point – Second Stunning Location Matheran

To experience the majestic beauty of nature you must visit Louisa Point In Matheran. After visiting there you will say this is one of the most heavenly places you have seen before. Louisa Point is the perfect place to take a spectacular view of Prabal Fort and Vishalgad fort.

Charlotte Lake – Third Stunning Location Matheran

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. This phrase becomes true when you visit this place.Picture-perfect location for tourists to create a remarkable note on their travel diary.

Echo Point – Fourth Stunning Location Matheran

One of the most loved location by couples to express their feelings. Shout loudly and breathe calmly to feel the mountains response. Seize the enchanting view of waterfalls during monsoon just by standing there.

Toy Train – Fifth Stunning Location Matheran

You can take a Toy Train from Neral. This is the only toy train available in Maharashtra. So if you don’t want to go to the Himalayas, then this will be the ultimate choice for you. Toy train takes you at 32 stunning locations of Matheran.

Porcupine Point – Sixth Stunning Location Matheran

It is a popular tourist attraction for sunset. Just to sit relax, have a cup of coffee and view the magnificent sunset. What is better than this? Feel this by visiting this another stunning location of Matheran.

One Tree Hill – Seventh Stunning Location Matheran

As the name suggests Hill with the single tree standing at the top. After experiencing this Blossoming and blissful nature just go there and sit under the tree. We assure you, nature never keeps you unrewarded.

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